Shush it! Topics to Avoid on the First Date

Topics to avoid on the first dateI’m sure people have told you how you should always be yourself on the first date. Well, while that little gem of information is certainly true, it’s a good idea to pipe down a bit for the first date. There’s nothing wrong with being open and straightforward: I’m that type of gal myself, however, you have to remember that the first date is for making good impressions, easing the jitters of just having met, deciding if there’s any chemistry, and having enough fun to garner a second date. This isn’t the time to let it all hang out verbally. A little cleavage never hurts (don’t crazy though), but keep your politics covered.

Here are a few topics to avoid on that first time out.


Okay, so while most profiles will indicate how someone leans politically, this isn’t the time to go on huge diatribes about your passionate disgust for republicans and/or democrats. Politics is a nuanced topic, and it’s better to get to know someone a little better before you start debating on topics that really strike a nerve with either one of you. The exception to this rule would be if you work in politics, as it may be impossible for you to totally avoid bringing the topic up. Just try to tiptoe around big button political issues, and save the debates for further on down the line. Someone is more apt to listen to an opposing point of view after he or she has gotten to know someone.

Exceptions to the rule: if someone’s political beliefs are an absolute deal breaker, then dive in, but expect rough territory.