Why Its Truly Possible To Fall In Love Dating Online

The first time someone mentioned online dating to me, I cringed. It was as if someone had told me, “Why don’t you date this nice  lovely weirdo?” The idea of hunting for love online sounded a bit risky and creepy. Now, years later, our world is completely different. Finding love on the Internet is not in the minority anymore. It’s in the majority. Here are a few reasons it's easier to find love on online.

When you date online like at iDateJu.com, you’ll get more information about a person within seconds like if you want to date jewish , or date someone with red hair that also is a good conversationalist but also is primarily interested in social affairs The guessing game that takes place at a random bar about  that blonde with the amazing smile you happen to capture a glance at in the corner is a thing of the past. Now it’s possible to bypass that realization that she may have be a supporter of things you don’t like.  From religious practices to work history, to health habits, an online profile is a nice portal into that person’s world. Instead of chasing after that beautiful blonde or biceps like you would in reality, once you’ve taken a quick few minutes to pursue someone’s profile, maybe you’ll find out that Handsome Fella doesn’t share the same beliefs or lifestyle as you do. (READ MORE)

Hey guys! What your Jewish mother never told you

Don’t let your dating profile make you look like a schmuck idateju.com

The Dating Profile. It asks you for your interests, education level, likes and dislikes. It’s like an internet Jewish mother: how many more questions can it ask you? Your sexual habits? If you pick your nose when no one is looking? Here are a few tips on what NOT to say or do on your internet dating profile. Remember, your libido and heart will thank you.

#1 Macho, Macho Man…and The Fish-Lipped Woman

Please don’t pose in some hyper-masculine macho way with your biceps out and your chest muscles rippling. I am all for a sexy hardbody, but show some modesty. Wear a nice button-down shirt or fitted sweater to show off that physique. Pumping your arms in some monkey gesture simply makes you a chump…and clearly an unevolved man.
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How to ask for that second date

How to ask for that second date

When you’ve got that funny feeling in your tummy (or your pants) that says you might kind of like this guy or gal you’re out with on that anxiety-producing first date, it’s time to consider how to pop the question:
bachelor or bachelorette number #2345, would you like a second date with me?

First dates are the appetizer of the dating world; we all sample a few that don't go down well  A second date is a whole other ball of wax, mine kinde. A second date is the meal: there’s a bit of hope and expectation that what you’re ordering is worth the chew. You’ve got some chemistry and a desire to know this person better. How do you go about asking that crucial question? Here are a few pointers from yours truly.